International workshop in Potsdam on the reunification of Germany (the fall of Berlin wall) gathered university students, NGOs, stakeholders, media representatives to  share their finding in 9-11 september 2020 of the Berlin wall and the German reunification, involving memories, oral telling stories, eye-witness interviews that will recreate the historic time. The historical moments of 1989-1990 will be analyzed from different national perspectives. Education visit will be organized to the Wall.ults*

-to provide knowledge to the participants for the major relevance in the dynamic 1989-1990 and to support the cases with real examples and analysis

– to overcome national perceptions of the democratic revolutions of 80s by fostering intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding of the historic facts from European perspective

– to raise awareness on the 1990German reunification and its importance for the UNITY in Europe

– to enhance knowledge of the EUhistory, common values and shared destinies





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