International workshop in Potsdam on the reunification of Germany (the fall of Berlin wall) gathered university students, NGOs, stakeholders, media representatives to share their finding in 9-11 september 2020 of the Berlin wall and the German reunification, involving memories, oral telling stories, eye-witness interviews that will recreate the historic time. The historical moments of 1989-1990 were analyzed from different national perspectives. Education visit was organized to the Wall and to the Glienicker Brück in Potsdam. The historic walk through the historic bridge from the period of the Cold war and the Wall remains raised many questions and were enlighted by the memories of Mr Wolfgang Balint. He shared his experience for the major relevance in the dynamic 1989-1990 and supported the cases with real examples and analysis. His personal story about the the 1990German reunification and its importance for the United Europe, raised the solidarity motions, put the emphasis on UNITY in Europe and on the common EUhistory, common values and shared destinies we have all over Europe.
In the international session the participants shared their national perceptions of the democratic revolutions of 80s and analysis on how fostering intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding of the historic facts from European perspective. Story telling was provided by a citizen of GDR and FRG, living on the both sides of the wall. The shared feelings once again expressed our UNITY, our common values based on shared destinies.





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