Pandemia has influenced all our project events. Due to the COVID-19, our first event in Madrid was cancelled – just two days before the international participants arrival in the city. Thus from 15 of March 2020, as initially planned, it took place year and a half later – on November 17-19, 2021.

Madrid international event celebrated the first steps of European integration, starting with the Hague congress in 1948, marking the Robert Schuman Declaration as a remarkable cornerstone for the European integration. Young students from Salesianos Estrecho School, researchers, citizens gathered to discuss these early steps of the philosophy of European integration, that led to UNITY and PEACE after the WWII – the Hague congress and Schuman Declaration and the Founding fathers’ role for the design of the Union. The participants had rich and deep introduction by  the hostoruy teacher José Manuel on the Hague Congress and first steps of European Integration. Interesting interventions, provided by each project partner from Spain, Portugal, Germany, Bulgaria and Italy enriched the knowledge of the students about the historical environment at these early years of integration in Europe after the WWII and the integration philosophy of the founding fathers, helped them better understanding  and raised awareness of the founding values and their retrospective nowadays and the Peace as an European value as  EU role of today.



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