Who would have thought that the Vilnius event will be happening in such new meaning and in the context of thread and real war aggression to Ukraine? Who would have thought that Friday, February 25th. will the international conference “EUCom4U” held at Vilnius Business College be colored in different colors and take on a new meaning? Today, as never before, the debate on European values has resumed, especially in the context of the war in Ukraine.
Together with the Vilnius conference guests from different EU countries, the participants discussed and listened to messages about the Lithuanian letter before joining the EU and discussed the unrest situation in Ukraine in the context of the road from Fifth to the Sixth Enlargement.
A week earlier (14.02.2022) young group of students in the Youth centre of town Marijampole discussed Our Europe, our future and how to make European Democracy stronger, drafting ideas and recommendation on the future of EU.

The events once again confirmed that a look back always helps to better appreciate the changes, and the troubled events of today strengthen this appreciation with great gratitude that we can create and that our activities continue.


Agenda – event 25-26 February

Agenda – Youth forum

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