On October 21-24, 2020 in Arbanassi, Veliko Tarnovo was hold the international event dedicated to the EU Charter on the Fundamental Rights. Its main aim was to summarize the analysis, the comparative research, raised questions and shared answers on the topics on European history, past, nowadays and future, as it was planned to be the final event but it was the third one in the project cycle. That change due to the pandemic, provoked the partner consortium to look for innovative ways how to deal with the pandemic, fully following the authority requirements but also to reach as much outreach as possible.
The October event went in two phases. In the morning phase, the young local groups had their session. It was a simulation game to draft an EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. The young people had a joint session about the UN and EU Charter, summarized and argued on the basic human rights and freedoms and learned about the history of HR. Then they were divided into working groups in which they worked on drafting their Youth Charter of Fundamental Rights. The core values young people outlined and defended were freedom, dignity, equality/ fairness and unity. Interesting debates on defining and defending each right took the belief of young people that only in freedom and peace, the EU may proceed ahead and that has to be fight of everyone – through everyday life actions, through active citizenship involvement, solidarity and participation. In the afternoon, the main articles of the Youth Charter was presented at the international session. The local participants were members of the Youth Club “Friends of UN”, students from secondary schools all over Veliko Tarnovo and University political science students.
The afternoon session started with an official greeting by M.P. Dr Milen Mihov, vice-chair of Parliamentary commission on human rights and the Vice Mayor Kamarashev; with resuming of the project and activities done up to the Bulgarian meeting. A heart touching story telling was shared by an owner of a local small business Genoveva Gergushka, who was a labor migrant at the beginning of the transitional period. Partners shared each member states developments of the EU Charter. The highest interest took the presentation of the Youth Charter of Fundamental Rights, drafted by the youth local groups.
Hosts showed the beauty of the historic capital of Bulgaria – the city of Veliko Tarnovo. Two guided tours – in the city and in Arbanassi showed the importance of the local inteligencia for the movements towards freedom and liberty of the country. Special visit was held to the Historic Constitutional Hall in Veliko Tarnovo.



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